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Sahara Spice Bazaar by Sekoura

Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and North African dishes on UWS

  • 1 h
  • Started from $9.99
  • 308 W 109 Street New York 10025

Service Description

Menu 1. Moroccan Couscous PRICE :$20 A dish made through an authentic Moroccan method of steaming and fluffing couscous. This classic couscous is loaded with slow-cooked chicken and poached vegetables mixed with stock and organic olive oil. 2. Berber Beef Vegetable Couscous PRICE :$20 Couscous Kabyle is a couscous from northern parts of Algeria it consists of steamy couscous served with mixed vegetable, beef, and tomato-based broth. Couscous kabyle is aromatic and authentic. The recipe was handed down from my grandmother and is a family favorite. 3.Couscous Royale : Price $23 Couscous royale is a fantastic dish that consists of steamy couscous with a mix of slow-cooked chicken, beef, and lamb sausage served with mixed vegetable and tomato-based broth. 4.Chicken Olive Tagine $15 Tajine Zitoun is an authentic Algerian dish consisting of hearty chicken stew with fresh green olives, potatoes, and carrots in a thick sauce made of North African spices. The mixture of olives and chicken is a savory combination that you do not want to miss out on. 5. Vegetarian Lentil Soup $9.99 If you like lentil soup, this is a parve-vegan approach. The soup is velvet smooth with the lentils fully intact providing a rich and robust flavor. This contrast in texture highlights the flavors of the soup with each spoonful. 6. Moroccan Harira $9.99 Harira is an authentic vegetarian North African soup made with fresh tomatoes, carrots, zucchini, fresh cilantro and chickpeas. 7. Mediterranean Mezze Platter $12.5 Hummus - Taboulet -Labne; Side of Zattar bread - side of pita; 4oz for each salad 8. Surprise Box $12.5 (choice of vegetarian and meat based) ***Payment Methods*** Your booking is not final until sending payment to the host, please leave your name in the message: Venmo: @SekouraYousfi About Sekoura originally from Algeria and food is her passion. She has been cooking since she was young, learning many ethnic berber (native North African) dishes and pastries from mother and grandmother. When she moved the United States she kept cooking traditional and modern dishes. Remarks - Host's contact information will send to your email after receiving payment. - Pickup location: 308 W 109 Street, New York NY 10025 - Orders above $200 are available for delivery any day with 48hrs notice. (

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Cancellation Policy

Guests can cancel reservations 7 days before the Experiences with a full refund minus 5% third-party transaction fee; 5 days before the Experiences with a 70% refund; and 2 days before the Experiences with a 50% refund. If the experience is scheduled to take place within forty-eight hours, the Guests will not be entitled to a refund. Please contact to process refund if your experience will take place within 7 days. *Some hosts have their own cancellation policy, please see the experience description section for each experience.

Contact Details

1717 Innovation Center, East Cary Street, Richmond, VA, USA

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