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Share your Passion for Food, Meet Interesting People & Earn Money.

easily Manage your Guests and booking

FoodiePath provides unrivalled host support and convenient platform for you to manage your guests and booking. You no longer need to build a website or answering phone calls from potential guests to make a deal.

make friends&
earn money

Meet interesting people around the world who are specialized in different domains and make new friends who you might never be able to meet in the day-to-day life. Earn money by simply sharing your meal. 

Increase Your Visibility&Sales

FoodiePath can increase your sales using strategies such as paid advertisements, social media, YouTube marketing, and B2B partnerships. Now, you only need to focus on providing the best experience to your guests. 

Who can be hosts?

Professional chefs, home cooks, food enthusiasts, etc... 
If you are interested in sharing your fav food, you are in!

Do I have to host at home?

We encourage our hosts to host events at homes or unique spaces. However, you can also rent third party venues or provide pick-up option. We have partner venues, and please send if you need their contact info/ 

What types of experience can I host?

Any kind of dining experiences, cooking and baking classes, food tours, farm experiences, and anything related to food and drink. Don't hesitate to contact us to help you brainstorm!

What does it cost to host with FoodiePath?

It is totally free to host with FoodiePath. From marketing , scheduling to content creating, we are here to help you as volunteers. 

What is the time commitment for hosting?

You are welcome to set your schedule according to your availability. Most of our team members are full-time students, so we understand how busy your life can be!

Do I need a business license?

Certain experience elements may require licensing, and every place is different. We encourage all our hosts to consult with legal advisors to understand the local regulations.

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